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FCFL Weight Limits by Grade Level (updated 6/9/15)




Maximum Age by Feb. 1
(of the current year)

Bantam 3



Bantam 4



Junior 5



Junior 6



Senior 7



Senior 8


14 Max  Age by 8/1



  1. Playing at “unlimited” positions (may play any position) must weigh in at no more than the designated weight of their grade level. Weight includes all equipment except helmet and shoulder pads. A player must play in the equipment he wears at the weigh-in with the only additions being helmet and shoulder pads.
  2. A player who weighs over the “unlimited” weight for their grade level, must play an interior line “limited” position. “Limited” positions include only OT/OG/C/DT/DG. All offensive formations must include Left OT/Left OG/C/Right OG/Right OT in a balanced line and these players, even if unlimited players are never eligible receivers, even if they are the last man on the line (uncovered). Only in grades 7 and 8 may the TE or SE unbalance the line. “Limited” players may NOT play DE or be more than 2 players away from the C. Limited players are never eligible to be receivers or ball carriers regardless of where they line up, but may kick the ball on kickoffs, punts, PAT’s and field goals. Defensive limited players can only advance the ball if recipient of unintentional fumble recovery or interception. *Play should be stopped in any case where there is a lateral to a limited player. Each “limited” player must have a distinctive mark on the front of his helmet in the form of an orange circle not less than 1-inch in diameter, which shall be verified at weigh-in.
  3. Eligible Receivers are as per FCIAC rules, except that an eligible receiver on the LOS must always be at least 3 players away from the Center.
  4. Weight includes all equipment except helmet and shoulder pads.
  5. A player must be at or below the maximum age limit to play in the specified division. For example, a child who turns 12 in November will not be eligible to play in the Bantam 4 division even if he is in grade 4.
  6. No player will be allowed to play up one or more grades and play as a Unlimited Player—that is, once a player plays up, that player will automatically be constituted a Limited Player and not play a skill position.
  7. Players on a member organization roster must reside in that town.  Only the following exceptions are permitted:

1. Players may play in a town other then their town of residence, if their town of residence does not have a team in that grade in the FCFL.  This requires FCFL board majority approval.

2.  Players who have received explicit FCFL approval in July of the current year.

8.  Violations of the above eligibility rules will result in automatic forfeit of all games played in
     which the violation occurred which may also include other penalties that may be imposed.