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FEE SCHEDULE:  There is a MAXIMUM FAMILY CAP for all family registrants: $900
Fee thru June 30, 2017
Fee after July 1, 2017
Flag Football (Grades 1-4)
Tackle Football (Grades 4-8) 
$475 + $30*
$525 + $30*
Cheer Mini's (Grades 1-2)
Sideline Cheer (Grades 3-8)**
$350 + $30*
$400 + $30*
*  $30 Town Assessment paid to Weston by WTYFC per athlete for Turf User fee, Bleacher and Booster Barn fee.
** Cheer Teams "by grade" are contingent on actual registration numbers by grade and are subject to change!

Registration is open to Weston residents and non-Weston registrants.  Athletes not residing in Weston, must come from non-FCFL towns where they do not have the opportunity to play on an FCFL team.  Team sizes are limited, and priority will be given first to Weston residents as this is a Weston program.  If a registered non-resident cannot play because of an FCFL ruling, or insufficient space, a full 100% refund will be given.  No admin fee will be withheld.